Introducing S4D Learn Hub!!

In a world where disruptions like pandemics have created challenges in delivering training, building capacity and transfer knowledge in traditional face to face settings, electronic based learning has proved to be a big mitigation to these challenges and associated risks. One sector that demands constant learning and employee training is the public health sector. With new regulations, and technological advancements introduced every day, healthcare professionals must be equipped with the best tools to stay on top of these changes. The consequences, otherwise, could be incredibly damaging.

In countries where new systems that require end-user training have been implemented; where new disease control processes need to be disseminated to public health care officials; where there’s constant need for public health awareness and training; and where agile knowledge management platforms need to be easily updated and referenced, eLearning solutions provide a convenient mechanism to ensure content delivery and support both knowledge management and capacity building. At S4D we built a learning hub that addresses all these needs. A hub that facilitates new system end-user training and a knowledge management repository that provides flexible learning options, with capabilities for end-users to access self-paced personalized learning or attend a virtual classroom. Additionally, the platform provides capabilities for easy compliance training reducing the burden on individual learners as well as the admin.

It creates the ability to make users aware of new compliance training and its urgency with the bonus of management being able to track workers who are compliant, and issue reminders to those who are not. 

The S4D Learn Hub is a significant partner in establishing dynamic and resilient healthcare systems, as well as introducing operational efficiencies and reducing overall training expenditure.

The S4D Learn Hub platform is customary designed and implemented to suit the needs of specific users, provides capability for organizational knowledge management, and provides insightful reporting data to track and improve organizational capacity development.  If you wish to know more about S4D eLearn Hub solutions, feel free to contact Ms Linda Azumah or call +12409386300

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