About Us

S4D Consulting is a leading consultancy firm focused on transforming organizational performance through sustainable information and communication technology.  It is our mission to leverage technology as a key enabler to change business operations, especially in the developing world.  Our service is focused leveraging data as a business asset to drive organizational performance and growth. Our team focuses on steering organizational efforts towards interventions that are guided by strong technology initiatives, and where such technology is a gap, support its establishment.

Defined By Our People

S4D is designed to operate as a transformational organization, supported by strong core values and a commitment to diversity ensuring that technology is used for good making a positive social impact throughout our work. Our Team distinguishes itself with the traits of doing something other than the usual.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is diverse and brings across multiple skills and expertise to address our clients’ needs. The team reflects S4D’s diversity and inclusivity.

Our Clients/Partners

Our clients represent a broad spectrum of Public Health entities spanning from development partners to individual country’s ministry of health.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

The S4D team is experienced and knowledgeable, capable of bringing proven processes, procedures designed to meet the specific organizational needs through a low-risk, cost-effective, quality approach to delivering critical outputs to its stakeholders.


Our experienced staff bring best practices, tools, systems engineering expertise, and domain knowledge of systems engineering, and integration coupled with advanced skills in data capture, processing and analysis.


We provide proactive program management through continuous communication and collaboration with stakeholders, resulting in higher quality systems functionality and utilization. We ensure effective management of project cost, schedule, and performance using quantitative metrics and coordination with all parties to minimize programmatic issues.


Our team comprises of highly qualified individuals with significant ICT and data engineering expertise. We have a wealth understanding of both private and public sector working mechanisms, project management experience and specialized skills, enabling us to effectively and efficiently manage project activities and multiple conflicting demands to drive large, complex system development programs to a successful conclusion.

Quality Focused

We pride ourselves in quality-oriented service delivery. We integrate our formal quality control process in the overall organization process review and the deliverable development life cycle. Our process encompasses quality management best practices and standardization via common core metrics across the engagement life cycle and provides our clients with consistently high-quality deliverables.

Powered By Knowledge

Powered by knowledge

Our experts not only address day-to-day issues associated with technology enables initiatives, but we also share our knowledge and experience to enhance the expertise of organizational personnel and help them prepare for the new and emerging technological challenges.

Systems Implementation

Our Services

S4D Core Services are focused on identifying information technology business needs; deploy solutions to improve business process in a cost-effective manner and provide long-term maintenance and support for ICT-based systems. We provide expertise in the following core functions:

Digital Solutions Design & Implementation

Innovative Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Data and Analytics Product Development

Information Content & Data Management

Our value-add service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify technology and data gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help organization get to their data and technology goals quickly and smoothly.

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