Technology: Transforming Service Delivery.

We transform service delivery by developing, configuring, and implementing solutions that improve performance, reduce costs, establish agility and offer resilience while creating value.


Data Production and Use: Leveraging Data as a Business Asset

We focus on developing data architectures and data management strategies while ensuring that our clients data driven objectives have the capacity needed to embed new analytics capabilities into their business processes.


Public Health: Strengthening Public Health Service Delivery

We help public healthcare service providers across Low to Middle Income Countries build capabilities to deliver high quality healthcare outcomes by providing technology. We also review costs and device strategies to reduce overall costs and improve efficiency in supply chain operations.


We deliver tangible business transformational results.

S4D Core Services are focused on identifying information technology business needs; deploy solutions to improve business process in a cost-effective manner and provide long-term maintenance and support for ICT-based systems.  We provide expertise in the following core functions:

Enterprise Strategy Consulting

We develop solutions that facilitate use of technology to complete business processes with minimal human interventions. We believe that technology is a critical driver of business transformation. We support organizations attain a clear transformation strategic plan, leveraging technology to optimize business performance. Services include organization evaluation, strategic planning, developing solutions that lead to demonstrable business value. We specialize in helping organizations modernize their IT. This includes their software, hardware, migrating to the cloud, developing of new mobile applications or solutions to help reduce cost. We help organizations establish what is often the critical ``missing piece`` in technology and strategic projects by using robust, tailored frameworks of tools, processes, and methods so that there is a strong link to the business strategy.

System Implementation

Our systems implementation is focused on building organizational capabilities, modernizing organizational eco-systems and technology platforms, establishing a culture that appreciate the role of software engineering and ensuring sustainability and return on investment is realized on all our implementation supported activities. We leverage agile delivery methods that allow organizations build resilient and dynamic solutions that can effectively address disruption. Our implementation approach ensures that organizational business needs are addressed and stakeholder involvement in systems integration is done from inception all the way to sustainability. We ensure that organizations leverage enterprise architecture and digital platforms to drive their IT transformation.

Information Content and Data Management

We support organizations manage their information and data content. We facilitate development of data policies, procedures, and best practices to ensure that organizational data is understandable, trusted, visible, accessible, optimized for use, and interoperable. We support the development of processes for data management strategy, planning, modeling, security, access control, visualization, data analytics, and quality. We develop and implement strategies that ensure establishment of organizational quality data production and use.

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We welcome you to the transformational change platform, where you are free to paint your canvas. We believe in using technology for good and establishing an all-inclusive and diverse environment. We focus on transforming communities to achieving their potential and strongly believe that technology plays a significant role in that transformation. Do you feel the urge to be a key player in the change? Please do so by joining our great team.

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