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System Implementation

We support our clients in developing, configuring, and implementing solutions that can transform their enterprises.  We help entities leverage technology to transform both their organizational operations and reduce operational costs. We believe that technology is an enabler and cannot be done in isolation of people and processes within an organization.   Our implementations embed end-users in system design and championing change management. We also take into consideration sustainability goals from the onset and ensure that the business need development considered both landscape and infrastructure.

Digital IT Services

We leverage modern technology including interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines to support transformation of entities to establish agility and efficiency to enable them to make informed and impactful decisions in the shortest period possible.  Our digital IT services include:

Solution acquisition, to support organization identify appropriate technology to address their business needs

Enterprise Architecture Development to develop organizational technology architecture aligning business strategy with technology solutions

Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building to support enterprises roll out solution through hands-on training and post implementation capacity utilization

Mobile Devices Implementation to facilitate implementation of mobile devices to improve organizational performance

COTS and Turn Key Solution Implementation to support integration of COTS and Turn Solutions in organizations specifically public health

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