Philip Lule

Co-Founder and CEO

About Philip

Philip is a senior-level IT professional with government experience and proven track record of applying appropriate practical technology/mix of technologies that meet business needs while minimizing risks. He has over 20 years of leadership experience focused on project management, systems integration, organizational performance management, earned value management, capacity development, and operations research. He has led client engagements involving strategic planning, program management, IT strategies, and organizational realignment to meet new mission requirements, and operations improvements. His clients include, the Ministries of Health in Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Lebanon; US Federal Departments of Defense, Commerce, and Health and Humanitarian Services; and Canadian Pacific Railroad and Good Year Tire and Rubber. He has vast experience in supply chain systems strengthening, and logistics systems design and implementation in sub Saharan Africa. Philip had demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with senior-level colleagues, particularly interacting productively, proactively, and comfortably with government agencies, NGOs, private sector groups, USAID, Global Fund and other development partners. He is a skilled organizational leader with vast experience in building/optimizing organizational processes, measurement systems, and infrastructure to maximize business results in public health sector operations worldwide. He is an exceptional communicator who brings both multicultural and global mindset advantages in leveraging relations with senior public leaders. Recently, Philip successfully led the acquisition, design and implementation of a $7 million – three-year LMIS project for Ghana Ministry of Health. He is also responsible for ensuring successful project management and system implementation practices are adopted in implementing supply chain solutions in Ivory Coast, leveraging a project management oversight approach. He has deep experience in developing data strategies, developing solution implementation vision and roadmap.

  • Over 20 years of experience in systems integration
  • MBA and B.Sc. in Information Systems Management
  • Vast experience in developing supply chain solutions, including skills in strategic planning and innovation, private sector engagement

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